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Three Little Pigs ad from The Guardian

Remind anyone of OWS and Occupy Our Homes, the Occupy group fighting against foreclosures? Maybe a little?

Even if it doesn’t remind you directly, it does speak to the prevalence of social media in OWS while employing some imagery of the protests (i.e. the protesters running into police lines.)

Good job Guardian. Well played.



Low May Day Turnout Reported

May Day Protests Seek to Rejuvinate Occupy Movement

An OWS protester holds up a May Day sign early morning on May 1, 2012.

An update on OWS’s May Day General Strike, which was planned in honor of International Workers Day.  Although it is still quite early in the day, the event seems to have gathered very few protesters. 


May Day Protest

Here is an article for the next major planned protest for NYC:

Enjoy 🙂

Helpful Article

Here’s an article addressing why Occupy Wall Street protestors break the law.

Local Occupy Movements Spread

You can check out another Occupy blog that is local to our area. Local workers at Giant and Safeway stores are trying to gain momentum in their protest against their employers.

Occupy Giant and Safeway

Tweets used in an Occupy Court Case

Here are a couple articles on Malcom Harris’s court case. His tweets during a protest are being used in the prosecution of him. He was a arrested last year with hundreds of other protesters.

Disorderly World, Disorderly Politics

A New Politics for a Disorderly World
by Carne Ross, former diplomat for the British foreign service

This is a great read of someone with political experience who agrees with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Ross praises the participatory democracy, the personal politics, and the better culture that he claims OWS promotes. If the world is disorderly, should its governments match it?

by Darren Ell