It’s whatever you want it to be


I started to make a mini zine to try to define Occupy Wall Street for myself.  This image is the cover of a delightfully blank inside. Originally I had started this exploration with the concept of art. An analysis of art in the movement. Maybe the movement itself is the art, the art of people. Just expressing humanity through protest, through drum circles, general assemblies, and contradictory platforms seems like a good enough definition to me. At least it is something I feel isn’t a lie when trying to define #Occupy. In this way Occupy Wall Street is an exploration and study of ideas. In the general assemblies, many people have come together to learn from each other, to discuss, to debate and to share. Like any work of art though, everyone has their own spin on what “it” means. The movement is to some about economic disparity, to others it’s a platform for advertisements. I think there’s a beauty to the Calvinball reference.

Occupy Wall Street is a movement that is constantly evolving and will never be the same. It’s different in everyone’s minds from the viewers of Fox News to the individual occupiers themselves. There are individual meanings that simply makes it human. To me Occupy Wall Street is just an answer to Jeopardy “What is Occupy Wall Street?”


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