Why Occupy Wall Street?

Occupy Wall Street is a movement, according to the motivations behind it. It is very much like the Civil Rights Movement, the Women’s Movement and any anti-war movements, but at a very basic level. Motivations are deeply rooted and to get exact data isn’t the most. A simple comment could remove your drive to do something as the Handbook of Motivation and Cognition says and in a protest, there is a fair amount of negativity.

In an era where most people are used to having things done for them (the planets are all found, the periodic table is set up, gravity is pretty much explained), it’s hard to get crowds to care for something deeply and pursue it. Even with majors, we find college students changing their majors every so often because of disinterest or something else caught their eye. Be it what it may, the OWS Movement, should it organize a hierarchy, could accomplish great things. Finding leaders to fill those positions without being corrupted and making decisions without a vote is another story.

The movement has great potential and definitely has a crowd of supporters,  that if motivated and continuously motivated by their strive for citizen rights, could bring about change socially and politically. Often, we forget how strong our words are, let alone our actions. Who knows what policies would look like if more women are in Congress or in the White House. Minority groups have brought about change social and political, but it won’t happen overnight like some of the protests want.

Time is a factor in the motivation of this movement and unfortunately, these people don’t have time. Jobs, families and bills take up most everyone’s thought process and their decision should be made based on those. But those who have stayed have either lost everything or given everything up.

Occupy Wall Street is a stepping stone for people to get involved. It has the basics but needs the structure. It needs an agenda; something everyone can agree with. So far, it seems that citizen rights is what needs to be placed on the agenda. Otherwise, people will lose interest, the movement will change or fade away and it will just be another example of our generation’s ability to stick to something.


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