OWS according to YouTube

The world according to the guy with the camera phone is sort of grainy. Sounds aren’t exactly distinct and the image is shaky at best and intermittently pointed at someone’s backside while whoever holds the camera tries to adjust their angle. If you haven’t seen one of these superbly skillful documentaries than clearly you’ve never been on YouTube and need to rearrange your priorities. These images and videos are possibly the most biased things on Earth, taken from the perspective of a loudly breathing person whose face you never see unless they’re checking themselves out in the mirror. But anyways, back to YouTube. As a college student, YouTube is one of my most dependable professors, its always there for me when I have a question, it’s a good source of entertainment, and its got a shit-ton of un-necessarily documented shenanigans that- thank God- somebody had the gumption to put online, and cats, lots of cats, by the way what’s up with that? YouTube also has a lot of footage from OWS (Aha! he does have a point).

The point of this post is not to call attention to the fact that OWS uses a plethora of media outlets (like YouTube) to what essential amounts to well-organized bitching and complaining, rather it is the content of those videos. And truthfully, after spending hours combing through OWS footage, a majority of the videos are of altercations with the NYPD. Videos such as, PEACEFUL FEMALE PROTESTORS PENNED IN THE STREET AND MACED!- #OccupyWallStreet (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moD2JnGTToA) with nearly 1.6 million views, or, NYPD Cop Punches Protester at Occupy Wall Street, 10/14/11 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZcJ31g0ScQ) with over 250 thousand views. These videos don’t do anything to further the cause of the movement (whatever that may be) other than to clearly delineate the sides. Now I don’t blame the account holder for posting these, if I had this kind of footage I’d post it too. But when I look at these videos what I see is a glaring problem in miscommunication, not police brutality, not martyrdom, but miscommunication between the context of the video and the viewer.  I don’t know what the hell they’re protesting for other than, “there should be a sidewalk where this street is” or maybe “I don’t know why I’m out here but God-damn it I skimmed over the constitution I’m fairly sure I have a right to hold up traffic and be as loud as I want!” I dont know exactly how many times that police officer told those people to move, I dont know what those people did 10 seconds before the cop runs into frame and subdues on of them. These videos on YouTube don’t tell me anything. All I see is a police officer punching a girl or a bunch of people getting maced. I’m not learning anything. And unfortunately, neither are the other million people watching these videos.



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