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This is something that has been bothering me for awhile: Why did the police react so violently to the OWS occupation sites?

This video of a news segment from MSNBC shows just several of countless incidences where police acted completely out of order with OWS protesters. I mean this is nothing new- American police and military forces have quite a bad history of handling protests incorrectly. I think the best example of this history would be the Kent State Shootings, which oddly enough will have taken place 42 years ago this friday. I just find it somehow ironic that one of our basic rights as Americans is to protest and express free speech and press, but time and time again people are punished for doing so. Even the cases from over the summer of the dancers at the Jefferson Memorial in DC (click here for more info on the incident). I guess what i am getting at is that I just don’t understand why the police react so brutally to protestors. Now, I am sure there have been many times when the police did not react violently, but it certainly happens enough to create a pattern of violence. I mean what are the protestors doing that is so wrong to anger the police to the extent to justify their actions? Is it a national fear of change? A feeling of threat to the system they are part of? What are your thoughts about the correlation?


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  1. This is a very good point. I have been toying with the idea of writing a post on this topic as well, except the information I have on it is from the perspective of the police. Expect an response post soon.

  2. Although there is no argument that there has been police brutality and abuse of power in response to Occupy Wall Street there are is a major factor to take into consideration when looking at this issue, especially when using News Sources as the source of documentation. The first thing to take into consideration is media bias in covering this issue. MSNBC definitely has its political bias in the matter and many critics of MSNBC’s and other liberal media coverage of the OWS movement is that these outlets are purposefully trying to portrait OWS protestors as victims by up playing police brutality against occupiers.

    The argument can clearly go both ways as critics of right wing media outlets such as Foxnews have argued that these outlets have avoided reporting acts of police brutality/abuse and instead have reported stories which would portray Occupiers as criminals.

    Clearly there exists police abuse of power at some level but it is important to take into account political bias in the reporting of events or claims of police brutality. Like Iliana posts examines how a few bad apples are giving Occupy Wall Street a bad image, the same can probably be said for Police interactions with Occupy Protesters.

  3. i actually disagree that political bias is playing that much of a role in police brutality. I only chose that clip because i felt that it was more encompassing then other ones I had watched. I think the way the clips are presented defiantly have an opinion inlaid into them- the anchor is very agitated and is in support of the protestors, but that does not make the incidences any less valid. As I said in my original post, I’m sure there are incidents that have not been handled in an incorrect manor by the police, and one could politically spin it in either direction, but to me there are enough incidences to prove a pattern. That is just my opinion though.

  4. @ivazuka I toyed with doing one on the topic as well, but decided against it because I was unsure how to approach it so i look forward to reading your post!

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