We Demand Better Demands

Something that I noticed while researching critiques of the movement was that there was a major demand for demands by the media from the OWS partakers. I would say leaders instead of partakers, but OWS is a leaderless organization, which makes it even harder to have demands. Finally, after much scrutiny, a major branch of OWS did release official demands, in addition to the already existing declaration. However, after the demands were released, the media mostly only replied with a further distaste for the movement, basically calling the demands outlandish. Now, I did not expect the media not to critique the demands, but I thought they would have been a little happier that at least a part of the movement was being clear about their intentions. I do agree that some of the demands are a bit far-fetched, but as I have stated many times, the form of protest that OWS has mostly chosen does not necessarily believe in stating demands as an appeal. Following this theme, the demands that were released are not so much an appeal but are instead outlining direct major changes to the system. This reminded me of a post that Sam made (click here to read it) about whether or not the mainstream media is against OWS, and I am starting to agree. I have attached several articles about the perceived ridiculousness of the demands, what do you think?





5 responses to “We Demand Better Demands

  1. eimilealoisia

    Very nice post! And good way to explore the multiple perspectives. I like how you’re showing here that criticism can go both ways. Is there any correlation between political affiliation of news sources and their views on OWS?

  2. Yes I actually did, but it wasn’t what I expected either. Naturally, the more conservative news outlets are and were completely against the movement. I thought though that more traditionally liberal sources would have been for the movement, but that was not fully the case. Instead of being fully pro OWS, they seemed to be somewhere in the middle ground of not fully supporting it, but not outright bashing them either. Now, this wasn’t the case for all of the news sources, some articles were completely pro, but this was just generally what I found.

  3. Well if you think about it it makes sense. I think to a good number of people, those involved in the OWS movement are the new hippies. Even those who agree with why they want to protest, they feel the movement has little power. And, unfortunately, people love to kick things when they’re down. I sometimes feel the OWS movement simply does not have enough people involved to be able to induce any kind of real change. OWS is a huge deal, but is seen as a much smaller fish when looking and the ocean of our country as a whole.


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