2 responses to “The Costs of a Movement

  1. eimilealoisia

    Great post! Very interesting to see this breakdown. I agree with you about the metro cards — that does seem ridiculously high! I wonder why that is… Is there any way to assess the per-capita spending in some of these areas? How many “street medics” does $1,100 supply? (Also, I wasn’t sure if the medics are receiving a salary, or if that money is simply used for their supplies?) How many people does $10,000 feed? It would be interesting to see if they are buying cheap foods in bulk (and therefore from corporations) or using higher-quality foods…
    Sorry to ask so many questions, but I feel there are so many interesting issues which you could pursue further if you were interested…the metro card issue would be an excellent post!
    I enjoyed reading, nice job 🙂

  2. It’s always very telling when the curtains are taken away and the truth (often about the $$$) is revealed. Obviously OWS needs money to keep itself alive…but that is a lot of money. Where is the line at which spending this money is counteractive and ends up hurting the movement more than helping it?


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