Features of The Global Square: News Commons

In my last post I discussed the one of the features that The Global Square plans to present on their upcoming network, the Renaissance and Evolution Forums. The idea of their three main features as a whole is to, “provide expertise, reduce redundancy and allow global collaboration on the parts of the system which are of global interest” (The Global Square, 2012).  The next feature on their list is the News Commons.

News Commons:

The News Commons will be a Twitter-style micro-blog. The information that rapidly rolls on this ticker can be sorted by tag, region or source. Users will be able to post their own information, pictures or videos. Users will also be able to post events here with maps, calendars, and even legal documents if necessary. This feature’s purpose is to spread information that is important on global and local scales. Unlike Twitter and social networks with which we are familiar, the information on The Global Square’s News Commons is not meant for users to,” passively absorb it as a means of entertainment, or even education,” but instead acted upon to, “correct flaws in governance” (The Global Square, 2012).

The News Commons will theoretically serve as a means of raising awareness for worthwhile causes, and help to prioritize events rather than simply providing a useless string of unorganized information. Within OWS this could help resolve the disorganization and vagueness they have been accused of, while still holding true to OWS ideals. In fact, Melissa Bell claims that Occupiers were already speaking the language of social networking. She says, “Occupy protesters seem to have fully realized and implemented the lessons of a thousand message boards in a real-life community” (Bell). I believe The Global Square will further the efforts of Occupy Wall Street by embracing the same kind of non-hierarchical transfer of information.


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