Interview with the Founder of Adbusters

So I was reading a transcript of a conversation on National Public Radio with the editor and founder of Adbusters, and I thought that it would be an insightful post to talk about the origins of the OWS movement and where it might be heading. Kalle Lasn from Adbusters stated in his interview with NPR that the idea for OWS started with the anarchists in Greece and Spain, and then the events in Tunisia and Egypt contributed to the influences. Then Lasn and the other members of Adbusters thought that it would be a good idea to have a soft regime change in America as well. After the OWS movement was started, it began to move on its own, affecting cities throughout the country. Last October (2011) the movement crossed the border into Canada, and is now taking place in over 1,000 cites worldwide. According to Lasn, the soft regime change is reminiscent of Tahrir Square in Egypt. While Egypt had a dictator, and their regime change was considered hard regime change, America also has an oppressive regime, according to Lasn.  The rich and the financial people on Wall Street and the lobbyists and corporations of Washington DC control the economy and the laws that are being implemented. Every aspect of our lives is being run by megacorporations. Lasn believes that soft regime change is definitely wanted in the US. He also states that the young people around the world are worried that their future is uncertain and full of crises, like climate change and financial crises. They are worried that the world will revert back to the 1930s, where the people who are supposed to fix the political crisis are corrupted by money. Lasn continues to remark that the young people of the world feel that they should fight for the future that they want, or else there won’t be a future. However, while Kalle Lasn is the founder of Adbusters, we must keep in mind that there are no leaders or hierarchy in the OWS movement. Lasn is merely stating the reasons as to why Adbusters began the movement in the the first place, and where they are hoping that the movement will go. I agree that America is run for the most part by giant corporations, but I also think that the people wanted it that way. Perhaps it isn’t the best way to get equality, but there do need to be some people who run the corporations. Otherwise, I think that the world would run less smoothly. For example, if Wal-Mart and Target ceased to exist, I think that the markets that rely on these megamarts would slowly collapse. Perhaps they would be able to find another means of providing goods, but for the most part, there would be a huge deficit of common products and conveniences that would be missed. However, I do think that there needs to be some political change and economic change in order to benefit the people more effectively. For more information on this topic, I have included the link to NPR’s website, where I found the transcript. It includes some oral histories from a few of the occupiers, as well as more thoughts from Kalle Lasn. Let me know if I can provide any more information on this topic. In my next post I hope to look at the protests from the Vietnam War and the OWS movement, and compare them.



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