Leadership in the Movement

In my last post I summarized one perspective that lack of leadership is bad for the effectiveness of the OWS movement, in comparison to other great movements such as the American Revolution. 

Neil Ungerleider, a journalist at Fast Company, presents a different view in his article The Stealth Leaders of Occupy Wall Street.  Instead of pegging specific “leaders,” Ungerleider presents a list of nine “key players” in the movement including Adbusters, Anonymous, and the New York City General Assembly.  Four out of these nine “key players” are actually individuals rather than organizations.  Assuming these people are significant contributors to the movement as Ungerleider suggests, these names refute John Grohol’s argument (summarized in my previous post) that no one in OWS puts their name on the line in the face of controversy to better the cause. 

Whereas Grohol posits that OWS will not be successful because of its lack of leadership, Ungerleider suggests that the general assembly technique is very successful at accomplishing “things.”  What these “things” are, though, is yet to be evidenced by Ungerleider, and accomplishment can really only be measured on the spectrum of a specific, set goal, which OWS (debatedly) has not set. 

For more information on Ungerleider’s “key players” see his original article.



5 responses to “Leadership in the Movement

  1. coffeeshoprhino

    Nice addition to your previous post.

  2. Very good post…nice examination of both perspectives 🙂

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