A Quick Look at the Beginning

Social Media was able to transform the Occupy Wall Street Movement from 2000 to 10,000 in a matter of a few weeks. Below is a summary and a link to the story behind the movement. How did they grow so fast?


In just three months, Occupy Wall Street created an idea and a hashtag which became a worldwide movement. “On July 13 Adbusters magazine sent out a call to its 90,000-strong list proclaiming a Twitter hashtag (#OccupyWallStreet) and a date, September 17” (Schneider.) It partnered with an image of a ballerina atop a chagrining bull quickly spread amongst the young, tech-savvy generation. The meme spread and by early August activists began meeting in New York to plan. Adbusters decided that just bringing 20,000 people together to march wouldn’t be enough, instead they needed to plant seeds to grow across the nation. “The initial gathering point was the Charging Bull at Bowling Green, a few blocks south of Wall Street” (Schneider.) The 2,000 people that had showed up were redirected to Zuccotti Park. There were never more than a few hundred occupiers present, but they began to call themselves the “99 percent” and were constantly in conflict with police officers. Every time there was an incident of protesters being hurt or dragged, it was caught on tape and videos were going viral online. “Each time there was an incident with the police, media attention increased; the police, it sometimes seemed, were trying to do the occupation a favor. Young women pepper-sprayed without provocation, teenagers slammed onto the pavement, about 700 arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge—each episode brought more cameras, more sympathy, more people and more momentum. After two weeks, and two Saturdays of mass arrests, the kinds of groups that previously didn’t want to be caught dead near the dirty radicals on Liberty Plaza started to join in, to see themselves as occupiers too: labor unions, student clubs, an ex-governor of New York, parents and grandparents. Surprise celebrity visits started becoming the norm. Just over two weeks in, more than 10,000 people marched down Broadway to Liberty Plaza” (Schneider.)

The image published with #OccupyWallSt from Adbusters

For the full story follow this link: From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Everyhwere

Savannah R. Edwards


2 responses to “A Quick Look at the Beginning

  1. coffeeshoprhino

    Do you plan on expanding the relationship of media/police/protest you make here?

    • Well, since we were trying to make shorter posts I hadn’t planned on extending on this one at all, but instead it acting as a short story readers would be interested in. Do you suggest I make another post extending upon it?

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