Features of The Global Square : Renaissance and Evolution Forums

In my last post, I told you about the social networking website that OWS programmers were working on, that would provide everything a protestor needed for communication, i.e. : Event planners, discussion boards, and most of all privacy. While The Global Square is still under construction, their website  theglobalsquare.org is currently holding discussion boards for the features of their up and coming website.

One of those features is currently being called the “Renaissance and Evolution Forums” (). The basic idea for the Renaissance and Evolution forums would be that there are ongoing discussions for topics like, “individual rights, methods of governance, trade and the financial system, property ownership…” (The Global Square, 2012) etc. From those topics anyone can present an idea, in the form of a statement, for example “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment” (The Global Square, 2012). From there, when that statement has raised enough interest, a discussion board will open about that idea. The Global Square then allows comments to be posted, but requests that they are linked to other supporting documents and presented in a hypothesis-testing format, meaning that the statement up for discussion is being explored and tested, rather than simply argued without purpose. Once a specific comment cannot be “strongly rebutted,” (The Global Square, 2012) it can be nominated for a point in favor or against the original principle. Then that point can be voted up or down on a scale of importance.

The purpose of this feature is not to make decisions about what is right or wrong. The point is to create an international discussion to allow everyone’s ideas to be heard and allows for ideas that are important to a whole group of people to be recognized. This feature is theorized to be important to general assemblies, so they do not overlook any important point of view whether it opposes their own or not.



6 responses to “Features of The Global Square : Renaissance and Evolution Forums

  1. I think that is a good idea for how to run a democracy. It is well known that people often vote for candidates based on looks, personality, etc. This is easy in a voting system that is simply yes/no, A/B, red/blue, left/right. But what if people had to support their votes with educated opinions? This might be used to battle “rational irrationality” in the democratic process, and could result in better policies across the board. Then we could really discern what is important and what is just popular.

  2. coffeeshoprhino

    Can you bring your discussion of Global Square back to other elements of OWS? How does this play into the bigger picture of OWS theories about non-hierarchal structures, for example?

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