Music is the Answer

The similarities between the OWS movement and the electronic-dance scene discussed in Bill Wasik’s article are almost hauntingly similar. In this article Bill Wasik recounts of an electronic-dance DJ who planned a “block party” through twitter. 1,000 people were expected, but over 5,000 showed up. Super engagement is real and the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and texting, is essentially the lifeline of their scene. Because you still have to search for this type of music, there is a huge sense shared community. These people came together because they felt invisible, despite their enormous numbers. Bill Wasik referred to this in his article as the “emergence of the mega-undergrounds”. Facebook and Twitter expose the huge disconnect between the real scale of things and the recognition within the dominant culture. This gathering felt like forcing society to respect their definite existence. The OWS movement is essentially the exact same thing! This “99%” felt invisible, but they knew their numbers were large. So they gathered to force society to recognize and respect them.



5 responses to “Music is the Answer

  1. coffeeshoprhino

    Can you talk a little bit about that gathering: size, diversity, type of engagement, etc?

  2. Yes! Over 5,000 people gathered when only 1,000 were expected. They only planned to close down one lane of traffic, but the amount of people forced many more to close up. The crowd was very diverse, and actions of the crowd quickly got out of hand. It became a full-blown riot. Things became violent and police quickly had to get involved. Bill Wasik’s article quotes several Twitter posts from the DJ after this telling the crowd to calm down and back off. They definitely made themselves known to all.

  3. Great post!! It would be interesting if you could find out who the (metaphorical) “DJ” is for the OWS movement. In other words, what was the first driving force that allowed OWS-ers to find each other and form an underground, like the DJ did for the block party?

  4. Thank you for your comment, and also great question! I will reply in the form of a post, look for your name. 🙂

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