Ample Networking

Logistics is the detailed management and coordination of a complex operation. In Ben Brandzel’s article, he examines claims made by Malcolm Gladwell. Gladwell adamantly states that online organization is not effective in creating long-lasting social progress. In other words, the background operations (flow of goods, information, and people) of prior grassroots movements trumps logistics implemented by today’s online Internet-enabled activism. Gladwell also argues how Internet activism is only able to result in small social changes, which lack the huge societal impact that riots and sit-ins did during the Civil Rights Era.

To completely dismiss Internet-driven social activism is ignorant. Gladwell states that the only promises that Internet and social media platforms can make are for an unparalleled flow of information and the potential for learning. What Gladwell failed to analyze is how even though the approaches to activism organization have altered throughout the past couple decades, the yielded ambition has not. Gladwell points out that organizing online promotes tapping into weak relationships. These relations should not be seen as weak connections, but as opportunities. Now, through Twitter, Facebook, and countless other social media platforms, one is able to tap into these “weak contacts” and make them acquaintances, in turn, enabling them to spread the word to their close friends. The Internet’s supposed only promise of flowing information is the upheld and manifested through the creation of a vast network of consciousness and engagement.



2 responses to “Ample Networking

  1. coffeeshoprhino

    Can you tie this more strongly into the OWS movement?

  2. Meechie Peachie,

    Going off the previous comment, you could further tie this directly into the OWS movement by examining the different social media outlets used, and bring specific examples forward to support your claim of social media turning weak connections into opportunities. You claim social media is “enabling them (acquaintances) to spread the word to their close friends”. These are the examples you need to find to support this type of claim.

    Some examples of social media taking advantage of the weak connections as opportunities could be specific examples of spreading and organizing the logistics of protests or mass spreading of online petitions through social media ect.

    To further support your claim about social media’s logistical and social effectiveness is you could compare the Occupy Wall Street to other past or current social issues and protests which were influenced through social media. Some possibly social media examples you could look at and compare to OWS could be the Egyptian or Travon Martin and the use of online sources to accelerate the spreading of information and awareness.,0,2178466.story?track=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+latimes%2Fmostviewed+(L.A.+Times+-+Most+Viewed+Stories)

    Also I think that with all the recent literature debating the effectiveness/ineffectiveness of social media in social movements/change you can bring in multiple viewpoints on logistics of Social Media.

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