Occupy Wall Street

by AlexandraClotfelter


3 responses to “Occupy Wall Street

  1. coffeeshoprhino

    Anyone want to make a comment on this image and what it communicates about OWS and their goals?

  2. I love this image because it signifies to me what Occupy Wall Street is all about. I view the Occupy Movement as an arts conglomerate- so many different parts making up a whole. Like in this image, it’s almost as if the different mediums used are pulling the movement into so many different directions that the movement doesn’t know what it is. A bull has a lot of power, but being yanked around forces its energy to subside. The Occupy movement has definitely run into similar issues.

  3. ramblerofoccasionalbrilliance

    The charging bull is symbolic of a bull market, which can be described as looking forward to better financial times and in this image I would say a foolishly determined “too big to fail” bull. I agree with Jaquestell that the different mediums are pulling the movement in different directions, but I also think that more than mediums the ropes speak to different areas and economic classes of the country and the world. We’ve seen Occupy movements pop up all over the country from sea to shining sea and with the 99% as their slogan they’re representing a humongous (pardon my technical math-speak) portion of the population. If this image were part of a comic strip panel I’d expect to see it hog-tied. I am rather intrigued that the bull is consistently used in Occupy imagery as opposed to the symbolic bear of a bear market, when the economy is in rapid decline. Perhaps it’s because the bear is not as widespread and well known a symbol for wall street and economies. I feel that the bear would be more of a rallying point or offense for Occupiers as opposed to the obvious defensive of the bull.

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